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Photo Laser Experience at Pure Laser Clinic

Hello, Angels!

Today I will be sharing about my very first LASER treatment experience with Pure Laser Clinic! As perhaps some of you have known, I have a very very sensitive skin that’s prone to acne and inflammation and it can be easily triggered just from some specific ingredients or harsh treatments. When I first heard about the word “laser”, my mind would fly to the scary pictures of: skin outbreaks, redness all over the face, plus the pain when the treatment is conducted! Totally meh, right? But hold yourself together – actually with Pure Laser Clinic, I got all those myths about laser treatment proven WRONG and yes, laser treatments aren’t scary at all!

pure laser clinic

Pure Laser Clinic was previously known as PPP Laser Clinic from Singapore. They opened their first counter in Indonesia on 2013, after 36 years of experience in this industry, focusing on pores, pimples, and pigmentations problems on both men & women’s skin. What’s unique from this clinic is how they offer anon-invasive, quick, safe, and comfortable laser treatments that also give effective results as well.

In this clinic, all the treatments are performed by real doctors. Yep, the beauticians only act to assist the doctors and they’re not allowed to perform any medical treatments themselves. The doctors here are fully trained, plus they’re regularly audited to ensure that they have the skill and knowledge needed to perform treatment on the patients 😉

Without further ado, here’s a quick glimpse of how the clinic looks like:

pure laser clinic

The Pure Laser Clinic in Surabaya is located at Tunjungan Plaza 6, 4th floor. It is next to Pappa Jack and Shinjuku Hairmake Salon. The interior is undoubtedly beautiful and luxurious! They also have a nice waiting room for your spouse, friends, or family while you get the treatments inside 😉 Oh, while they wait, the friendly staffs will offer them tea too! Great hospitality, right?

pure laser clinic

I got the chances to do Photo Laser and Photo Shower treatments (6 times each), plus 2 additional masks and infusions to rejuvenate the skin after the treatments, and 1 time of underarm brightening laser. As some of you know, my skin is sensitive and acne prone, with big pores and some acne scars here and there. My pores are pretty big you know, especially when compared to other girls at my age, because genetics play their role too – my mom also has those big pores lol. The acne scars, on the other hand, aren’t really deep or big because most of my acnes are very mild, but I have a lot of red and dark scars which make my skin tone look uneven. Meh!

The photo laser treatment is the perfect choice for me, as it cleans your skin from inside by bringing up the dirt, dead cells, sweat & sebum particles and then helps to make the pores and oil glands smaller so the sebum production will be back normal again. This treatment also helps to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen, hence making your skin looks younger and the texture of your skin will be more even and smoother – especially with those acne scars, they’ll permanently be smooth and appear less deep too! Pigmentation issues can also be solved with this treatment, by the process called selective photo-thermolysis. When this process is combined with the photo shower treatment, your skin will appear brighter and it will be less sensitive too! These two treatments really sounded amazing, so I was very excited to try them and see how the results were gonna be on me 😉

Here’s my before photo, taken with flash because the weather was so gloomy at the very first day of treatment, and the indoor lighting isn’t really good for taking clear pictures so yeah, please forgive the overexposured pics!

pure laser clinic

My problems are big pores, uneven skin tones, redness, and acne scars. Plus dry patches.

First, your skin will be cleansed by the beauticians. To be honest, the beauticians here handle your skin gently and it’s awesomeeeee. I can easily say they’re well trained to make the patients feel comfortable and happy before the treatment 😊

Next, after your skin is clean, the doctor will come and greet you, telling what treatments she’s going to perform today and how would it feel. If you’re scared, they’ll help to calm you down too and no worries, they will inform you before they start performing any treatments so you won’t be startled and feel uncomfortable.

The photo laser treatment isn’t really painful, from scale 1 to 10 I’d rate it as two. The only thing that might surpise you at first is the smell of “something burnt” lol especially when your facial hair is *ahem* a lot, like mine. It just feels a little bit stingy on skin, and that’s all! My tolerance for pain is low but this treatment didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. After the photo laser treatment here comes the photo shower tocalm your skin after laser and brighten up your skin. This treatment combo only takes literally 8-10 minutes – unbelievable! The results, you ask? 😉 Here it is:

No redness, no stinging or itchy sensation at all! My skin is super sensitive, but this treatment really didn’t cause harm to my skin at all. I also tried to prove their famous “skin-gym” concept, by having more that one time of treatments per day. And yes, it’s confirmed that my skin looks even better with two times of Laser & Light Therapy a day!

After finishing the treatment, I can feel that my pores appear smoother, less big, and some of my acne scars are gone. Overall, the texture of my skin becomes more even and my pimples are healing. Talking about makeup, they actually applied and stuck better on my skin the next day after I had my treatment too. Isn’t that awesome?

For the underarm brightening treatment, all I can say is…magic! Before they performed the brightening treatment, they would remover the unwanted hair using laser. And yes, that HURT so much – but on ce Mindy, it wasn’t really painful! The doctor said that it depended on how thick your hair follicles are. The thicker they are, the more painful it would be. But to be honest, this treatment is EVERYTHING. My underarm hair usually come back at least one week after being shaved/plucked, but after this hair removal treatment, up until today which marks one month has passed…they don’t seem to grow much. AMAZING! My underarms are brighter now and the effect was not just temporary or limited to specific amount of time after the treatment was performed. Day by day, they look better! I would love to have 2-3 more sessions though, to see full results of this treatment tho, ahem ahem 😉

That’s all I can share about the treatments I had at Pure Laser Clinic. If I were to rate it, it would be 4 stars right away! Yes, the treatments are safe and my skin approves even two treatments a day without any side effects. My pores are now smaller, and yes the surface of my skin is visibly smoother – but the change is not very dramatic! Perhaps you should have more sessions or combined treatments with those lasers that can penetrate deeper into your skin’s layer. But overall, I would really really recommend you to get your treatment here for the safety and the quality of their service 😉

 Thank you Beautynesia and Pure LaserClinic for the chances to try having treatments here! For more information, you can contact them here:

Pure Laser Clinic Surabaya

Tunjungan Plaza 6 (4th floor)

031 – 99246966 / 031 – 99246920


See you on my next post, XOXO

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